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Customizing look of exported logs
Posted by Yuri M on 03 October 2006 09:35 PM
Q: Can I change the look of resulting exported HTML (Excel or CSV file)?

A: All log exports in Activity Monitor are based on the templates. You may edit these template files to get desired look of the generated files. Templates may contain predefined macros (e.g. %USER%, %TIME%), which are substituted by corresponding values during export. For full available macros list read Activity Monitor documentation.
For HTML Export the templates are: first.html, head.html, logrec.html, scrshot.html, bottom.html, last.html. You should have basic knowledge of HTML. Template for MS Excel export is log.xls, CSV export template is delim.txt file. All template files are located in \Templates subfolder of Activity Monitor folder. Do not forget to backup those files before editing.
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