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Posted by Yuri M, Last modified by Yuri M on 13 November 2007 06:13 PM
Q: We have a lab we recently moved from being a wireless connection to a wired connection. All the agents were added to the monitor when the lab was wireless. Now that the lab is wired we cannot connect to the agents. When I manually enter the IP address of the machine I want to monitor I can see it and connect to it, but as soon as I hit the "Update Agents List" button the IP address goes back to the wireless IP address and I can no longer connect. The wireless IP range was on a different subnet than the wired range. Is there a reason the IP address isn't updating?

A: Run ipconfig /flushdns to pruge DNS resolver cache on the computer with Activity Monitor installed.
When you click "Update Agents List" in Activity Monitor it resolves host names to IP addresses. This allows it to work in DHCP environment. In this case DNS resolver had cached old IP addresses that were not valid anymore

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