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Is there any way of filtering the web logs to only analyze a certain virtual directory? Currently Deep Log Analyzer analyses everything in the logs and reports pretty much everything. Can I only report on a virtual directory? If so where do I specify what to analyze?

You can do it. Deep Log Analyzer supports import-time filter based on the requested file name and folder. You can include or exclude files and folders based on wildcards. You will need to edit filter settings of your project manually using text editor:

  • Exit Deep Log Analyzer before proceeding
  • Open this folder in Windows Explorer:
    • Windows Vista/7+ : C:\ProgramData\DLA Storage\
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DLA Storage\
    • To view actual location of Data Storage on your computer, click Open Project in Deep Log Analyzer. Folder name is at the bottom of projects list.
    • In case you can not see the above folder, go to Folder Options - View tab and mark Show hidden files option.
  • Navigate inside <Project> folder, where <Project> is actual name of the project that you want to edit
  • Open <Project>.dla file in Notepad, where <Project> is actual name of your project
  • There are two lines in .dla file:


  • Enter a list of wildcard masks you want only to be included, or excluded from import. Some examples are below
  • If you want to have only html pages reported enter:


  • If you want only to include certain folders enter:


  • If you want only to exclude cgi and txt files enter:


  • You should enter file names in exactly the same format as you see them in Top Accessed Files report
  •  After editing .dla file open Deep Log Analyzer and re-import all logs. To do it, first click Delete imported logs from DB, then click Import Logs


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