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Database size limit
Posted by Yuri M, Last modified by Yuri M on 04 May 2009 02:41 PM
I was importing logs in trial version of Deep Log Analyzer, but it prompts a message that database size limit (2GB) is reached. If I purchase a Pro version, will it have  the limit?

The 2Gb limit for project database size is still there in Pro version. But it still allows to import quite a lot of logs, as they take much less space in database than in raw text form. 2 Gb limit is per project not, per all projects. So you can always create a new project and analyze your logs there.
Here is a few options you have if you reach this limit.

1. Make sure you don't import hits on graphics (Exceptions tab in Project Settings)
2. Analyze only limited amount of logs in one project in Deep Log Analyzer, such as for a month or two. Create other project for different sets of logs you want to analyze.
3. Turn on database pruning in project settings. Set it up so that Deep Log Analyzer keeps in DB only most resent information for last month or longer, depending on the size of your logs.
Or you can delete older logs from the database manually. Click Delete Imported Logs from DB in Tasks Pane and select Prune Database To.
Take into account, that if you choose an option to Delete All Logs from DB, Deep Log Analyzer will also delete all local copies of logs downloaded from FTP. Next time you import logs DLA will have to download files from FTP again.
4. Click Tools-Compact and Repair database menu command. This will reduce the DB size significantly.
5. Do not import hits with Errors (Project Settings - > Exclude tab). Reports about  errors will be empty but it may reduce database size a lot.
6. Filter out hits from your own company's IP addresses (Project Settings - > Exclude tab)
7. Limit imported file/page names that are imported only to those of interest to you. Here is how:,1
8. Create new project in Deep Log Analyzer and import your new logs there
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