Uninstalling Agent
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Q: How to uninstall Agent from the remote computer?

There are several possible ways of uninstalling the Activity Monitor Agent: locally on the client computer, remotely from Activity Monitor server, and via Active Directory Group Policy.

To uninstall Agent remotely from Activity Monitor:

1. Run Activity Monitor.

2. In Remote Agents List select in the remote computer where you want to uninstall Agent. This computer should be online in list.

3. Right click on it and in context menu click Uninstall Agent.

4. Agent software will be uninstalled from the remote computer in silent mode without notifying the user. After this you will not able to monitor that computer until you install Agent again.

To uninstall Agent locally form the client PC:

1. Go to the computer where Agent is installed and login as a user with Administrator rights. Optionally you can login via Remote Desktop

2. Navigate to the directory, where Agent is installed. By default it's C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\AMSys folder. Run uninst000.exe

3. Wait for the program files to be deleted. Computer restart might be needed to remove all files

For detailed instructions open Help in Activity Monitor software. In help go to How To->Uninstall Activity Monitor Agent

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