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Offline Screenshots setup
Posted by Yuri M, Last modified by Yuri M on 09 September 2010 12:48 PM
Question: I need the step by step instructions how I can save the employees activity on their computers by screen shots  every 10 seconds to see what they are doing

Answer: To do it right click on the computer in list in Activity Monitor. Click Agent Property, go to Agent Screenshots tab. Mark Record Screenshots check box, select Capture screen every option and enter: 10 seconds. You may leave other settings default. Click OK. Do it for all computers in the list.
Although its recommended to select Intellisnap mode (selected by default) instead of entering capture interval. This will record all important actions of a user, such as visits of websites, programs he opened, etc. rather than just taking a screen every period of time.

Then at the and of the day or whenever you like to review the screenshots start Activity Monitor and click Get Recordings From All Computer button in toolbar or right click the Agent and click Get Agent Screenshots to download only from this computer. Activity Monitor will download screenshots from all computers in .jpg files and save them on your computer.

To view logs click Log-Organize Logs menu to open folder with screenshots in Windows Explorer. Click on .jpg files and view them as a slideshow using Windows XP picture viewer.
To view recorded screenshots as a slide show, open monitoring window for a computer in Activity Monitor, switch to Screen tab and click View Screenshots toolbar button

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