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Send logs via Gmail SMTP
Posted by Yuri M, Last modified by Yuri M on 07 October 2013 12:55 PM

To send log files via email SoftActivity Keylogger needs an SMTP server as any email client program does.
If you want SoftActivity Keylogger to send the log files using your Gmail account, you should insert the following information in Setup Email Server section in SoftActivity Keylogger:

Outgoing mail server:
Use SMTP authentication check box: ON
User Name: your Gmail address (
Password: your Gmail password

Mark "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" check box. Make sure that Port number is set to: 465

If you have double authentication set in Google, you will need to generate an aplication specific password and enter it here.

Click Test Connection button. Make sure it says Connection is Successful.

Then you need to enter your email address in Send To field. It can be any email address, such as for example, your work email, where you want to receive reports about your child's computer use at the home computer. There is no requirement that it should be a gmail address.
In From field enter your gmail address that was used in the previous step for the user name. To and From addresses can be the same.
Click Send Test Email and make sure there are no error messages.

Note that you will need to install the SoftActivity Reports Viewer on the computer where you receive email with logs in order to view them. To do this download and run SoftActivity Keylogger installation and select "Only SoftActivity Reports Viewer"
option at the first page instead of "Full Installation". No extra license of the software is required to install just Reports Viewer on your second computer.

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