Problem: Emails or Chats are not logged by SoftActivity Keylogger / Activity Monitor / TS Monitor
Posted by Yuri M, Last modified by Yuri M on 11 July 2017 09:41 AM

Web-based (when Internet browser like Internet Explorer, or Chrome is used to compose/read messages) emails and chats can't be intercepted and logged into EMail/Chat tab of Log Viewer. MS Exchange server and secured (when SSL/TLS encryption used for POP3/SMTP) email in Outlook is only supported in Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor.

To view other emails and chats that are not shown on Email tab review series of Screenshots. With Intellisnap technology you'll see every message on  screenshots.  You can also see messages as user types them in Keystrokes log in Log Viewer.


Only emails that were sent/received using Microsoft Outlook can be recorded and shown on Email tab of Log Viewer. It supports MS Exchange, secured or unsecured POP3/SMTP and IMAP or other protocols supported by Outlook.

Webmail, such as for example, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail can be reviewed on screenshots.


SoftActivity monitoring software records chat conversations only in Skype, AIM and IRC. Only text chat is recorded. Voice and audio is not recorded. Both  sides of conversations are shown on Chat tab in Log Viewer. Messages in other chat and IM programs can seen on screenshots and keystrokes log.

For example, Facebook messages and chats are sent/received in Internet browser and so can be seen only on screenshots and as keystrokes in Log Viewer.

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